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Is 610 a decent credit score and how easy would it be to raise the score?

It%26#039;s not the average (675), but at least it%26#039;s not horrible.

Here%26#039;s how your score is broken down

35%- payment history

30%- how much debt you have

15%- length of time

10%- types of credit

10%- inquiries and new accounts

to boost your score, I would go to and get all 3 of reports if you haven%26#039;t gotten them already and check to see if you have any accounts in collections. If so, depending on how old the accounts are. If it%26#039;s closer to 7 years, you may or may not want to play the %26quot;waiting game%26quot; for the statue of limitations for reporting expires. If they%26#039;re more recent, I would suggest contacting the creditors to negotiate a %26quot;payment for deletion%26quot;. If you%26#039;re able to, before you send them a dime, have them send you something in writng on something with their company letterhead agreeing to the terms.

Another thing is not to apply for too much credit. If you apply directly, anywhere from 2-5 points are deducted from your score. Also it gives the appearance to creditors that you%26#039;re desperate.

If know know a close friend or family member that has excellent credit, see if they could add you to their credit cards as an authorized user. You won%26#039;t need a card becuase it would be for reporting purposes only. If you%26#039;re able to do that, their payment history would reflect on your report, boosting your score.

If you%26#039;re paying monthly bills on time like rent, cable utlities that don%26#039;t show on a credit report check these guys out.

You can have your monthly payments verified and reported in a scored report that can be used with your other credit reports.

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Is 610 a decent credit score and how easy would it be to raise the score?

620 and up it pretty good and to raise it, just keep paying your bills on time.. It takes for your score to go up..

Is 610 a decent credit score and how easy would it be to raise the score?

For getting any kind of loan Credit History is much more important than credit score. Often, the lack of credit history is equated with bad credit. You should be aware that lenders will go through your credit report once you apply for loan for buying a house. Therefore you should polish your credit report. Anyway, in order to establish a good credit history and at the same time risen your credit score in a short time do following things:

1) Close all of your credit cards but one. It reflects in your credit report and it is a very good sign. For instance say that you have 5 credit cards with $1000 credit limit for each. Therefore you are responsible for $5000 of possible debt. But when you close 4 of them, now you are only responsible for $1000 of debt which lowers the level of risk of lending money to you.

2) If you have any loan, like car loan or any balance on your credit cards, try to pay more than your monthly payment for 6 months or something. I mean say your monthly due on your car loan is $150, try to pay $250 each month. Lenders can see these trends in your credit report and they see that you閳ユ獧e a responsible borrower.

If you don閳ユ獩 have such loans, I suggest getting a $3000-$4000 loan and paying it off in full in 5-6 months. You might pay $200-$300 of interest but you will save thousands of dollars in your home mortgage and interest rates.

Also checkout

There are lots of articles there, related to your question, which you can find useful to boost your credit.

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