Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Raise credit score?

Doe%26#039;s any one know if its posible to negotiate debt with debt holders so that a debt can be completely cleared up.

Raise credit score?

Most creditors are willing to work out a payment plan with you rather than reposess or foreclose. It is cheaper for them to work it out with you, then to foreclose. Smaller companies are harder to deal with since they will generally pass it on to a collection agency since they may not have the resources to work out a payment plan. Whatever you do, do not ignore them. It reflects better on you if you go to them first, and they are usually more willing to work things out if they know what is coming, and they have programs for most situations, such as deferring interest on a mortgage loan, or lowering the minimum payment.

Raise credit score?

Sure. You can always negotiate debt, but do it directly with the company you owe money to. This way you can give them an offer and they can choose to settle for that amount.

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